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With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, new legislations are being introduced affecting our everyday economy. One of the main culprits of pollution is synthetic chemical. It has enhanced the quality of life and is easily found in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it is nonbiodegradable and negatively impacts our environment. The chemicals found in the process […]

Few people are fully aware of the coverages they have purchased for their home insurance.  As a result, many homeowners assume that they have coverage for losses that aren’t covered. Keep reading to learn about common limitations or exclusions in a standard homeowners’ insurance. We’ll also be covering alternative options to better protect your home. […]

Business Auto Insurance    When buying a car, you will be asked to present a proof of insurance. So how is personal and business auto insurance different? Does personal auto insurance fully cover business auto? How should you purchase insurance for commercial vehicles? Below are answers to frequently asked questions. Some may think personal auto […]

Business such as dry cleaners, alterations or shoe repair constantly have customers dropping off and picking up their clothing or shoes. Laundromats are no exception as some are offering wash & fold services. With the majority of the inventory as possessions of clients, what would happen if there were to be a fire? How are […]

Most car accidents are minor with damages that can be repaired. However, in some cases, the vehicle may end up being totaled. Below are some frequently asked questions that may aid in a better understanding of total loss accidents.     ◈ What is total loss and how is it determined?   The term “total […]