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Many tend to neglect the coinsurance provision found in business property insurance.  However, this term is an important factor that determines whether you will receive sufficient compensation for your property damage. Most accidents are likely to be partial losses with the chance of a total loss being low. With that in mind, a policyholder is […]

So you’ve seen a deductible on your auto or homeowners insurance policy. How does it work exactly? You probably already know that it’s the amount of “cash-on-hand” you need should anything bad happen. What you may not know is that it can be a bit more complicated than that. Auto Deductible Simply put the deductible […]

The terminology itself is an adopted term to describe all technology associated with tracking and communicating driving data. Insurance companies will take this data, and either offer you a personalized rate based on how you drive, or simply give a solid discount. You’ve probably heard of various insurance companies offering a plug-in device for your […]

Your insurance renewal offer arrives, and it’s increased this year. How frequently does this happen? Has it remained more steady or even lowered in previous years? Why would it suddenly seem to rise? This increase can be attributed to a hard market. Characteristics of Hard and Soft Markets The insurance environment flows between two stages, […]

Simple answer: it saves you money. A small roof problem can easily turn into a disaster. When it gets to the point of disaster, you usually have other problems than simply replacing the roof. This could affect your business staying open, discourage customers, and even increase your insurance premiums. What are some major threats to […]